Beach Bag Essentials

If you love the beach like me, I’m sure your beach bag can get pretty heavy. After spending a week down south, I’ve narrowed down my must haves at the beach. Below I’ll show you what I absolutely can’t leave without when heading down to soak up some sun!

Let’s start off with the most important when heading our for a day in the sun – skin protection. I am a firm believer in sunscreen, shades and big floppy hats. If you are fair skinned like me, you know it only takes a few minutes to feel the burn for hours later.

I would recommend always starting out your trip with anything over an SPF 50, atleast for the first day or so. Then once you’ve been out in the sun for a while and feel you’ve got a little bit of a base, move to an SPF 30-35. I love this Clarins sunscreen that I picked up at Sephora before heading down. I usually use Eminence skin care, so I also love their sun lotion, and moved to this Tropical Vanilla lotion after a few days in the sun. I also always carry some makeup wipes, I use these Burt’s Bee’s  wipes everyday. They are nice to have if you decide to walk to a bar on the beach and want to wipe off some of the sun lotion grease. This is also why I’ve thrown in some waterproof mascara, loving the Katy Perry Kat Eye and it stays on all day long, even through multiple trips into the ocean.

Eye care is also super important when out in the sun. I love these new Quay Australia shades I got from Nordstrom. I also always take a hat with me – definitely has the dual purpose of covering my face when I’ve had a little too much sun while also hiding my crazy beach hair.

I also never go anywhere without a bottle of water. I am always thirsty and love this cute Swell bottle. My mom got it for me on a recent trip to Las Vegas. Swell, Lilly Pulitzer and Starbucks did an awesome collaboration. Reusable bottles are perfect for the beach and Swell bottles help keep everything nice and cool.

I take my phone with me everywhere because I love snapping pics of pretty much everything (hence the camera as well.. thankfully my boyfriend is very tolerant ;p) I was wanting to buy a LifeProof case before coming down to make sure my phone wouldn’t be damaged by the sand or water but I wasn’t prepared to spend $100+ on a new phone case. So, I opted to order this Ocase off of Amazon. It definitely does the trick and keeps your phone dry and you can take photos and videos with the case on. Pretty good $14 investment if you ask me.

And last but not least, make sure you have a good read, cute suit and cover up to take you from the beach to the pool bar and a fun bag to throw everything in, mine is Lilly Pulitzer!

Let me know if I’ve missed anything! What are your beach bag essentials?!

Happy sun tanning!

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